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21-22 May 2009: Digital Media and Security Scoping Workshop/Symposium

Warwick International Security Initiative/ESRC project event:

Keynote 1: William Merrin (Media and Communication Studies, Swansea University):
'My War: Citizen Militarism and Social-Networked Conflict'




Keynote 2: Steven R. Corman (Consortium for Strategic Communication (SCG), Arizona):
'What Power Needs to be Smart'


Project Presentations: ‘Legitimising the Discourses of Radicalisation: Political Violence in the New Media Ecology’

Mina Al-Lami Media and Communications, LSE
Akil Awan History/Politics and International Relations, RHUL
Carole Boudeau Sociology, Warwick
Andrew Hoskins Sociology, Warwick
Ben O’Loughlin Politics and International Relations, RHUL

MP3 (Part I)

MP3(Part II)

Panel: Visual/Methodologies:

Chair: Gillian Youngs, Media and Communication Studies, Leicester
Maura Conway Law and Government, Dublin City
Trevor McCrisken PAIS, Warwick
James Gow War Studies, King’s College
Awais Rashid Computing, Lancaster

MP3 (Part I)